Wendy Hogue Berry

Wendy grew up in a small town in South Eastern Michigan.  She started her career as a graphics artist for a large bi-weekly newspaper.  There she won several Press Association awards for both page layout and illustration.  In 2002 her husband’s job moved the family to Ohio.  Her three boys were all very young at the time and she wanted a career where she could work around her family’s schedule.  Art had always been a passion.  It was something she was good at and loved doing, so she began her freelance career.  She has been successful in selling her art on both Amazon and Etsy.  She has also illustrated several children’s books. One for herself called “The Amazing Brodie”.  


She works with graphite, water color, and colored pencils and loves drawing nature. She’s excited for each new project and looks on it as an opportunity to learn something new.  


In 2016 Wendy and her family moved back to Michigan to be closer to both her and her husband’s families.  She continues pursuing her passion.  She won first place in Downriver’s  2017 Art Ambience, with her work entitled “Birdhouses”.  She has also started exhibiting and selling her work at art fairs during the summer months.